New Zealand Vacation 2006 Wallpaper Images

What follows is a quick extraction of some pictures form our trip which may, particularly, make good candidates for computer desktop wallpaper, or prints, or posters, or something like that. A visual index is provided using smallish-sized thumbnail imagery, with click-through links to the full resolution image immediately below each image.

The images are roughly in calendar sequence, so if you compare this to the basic trip album you will see some common images and you will be able to recognize some kind of flow.

There were three cameras in use during the trip, the foremost one (by sheer number of photos) was the Nikon D50 6.1mp Digital SLR shooting at 3008 x 2000, second up with a Canon PowerShot S230 3.2 mp Digital Elph shooting at 2048 x 1536, and finally a Sony Cybershot of Unknown Model also shooting at 2048 x 1536 (at least some of the time). The Digital Elph also provided video capture services in some situations.

And if you think 3k by 2k is large, check out the panoramic images at the bottom, some of them are huge.

General Interest Pictures

Landscapes, interesting things, silly situations, etc.

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People Pictures - Not Necessarily of General Interest

Images of people, friends, and family on or near the trip. You the visitor are surely welcome to browse, but to preserve some sensibilities these have been separated from the General Interest section.

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Panoramic Assemblies

The following pictures can be very large, and very wide, and will typically not fit the width of any personal computer system. We are currently looking into ways of making QuicktimVR style stuff, but without the pesky need to buy Quicktime VR tools, so there may be updates to this.

Many of these have subsections which could easily be cropped into a very nice image, but owing to different people having different interests and the lack of time, this is left to the downloader to do.

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