I needed one place to give access to older stuff we've done, not updating, but still want to share. So here you are.

Subjects span interests - family events, bicycling, computer nerd, travel, etc. Fairly random, thanks for stopping in.

Cycling Articles
2023 NoSoX ride - 152.5 road miles in one ride by Bear <link>
2019 Garmin GPS receiver notes and sample tracklogs <link>
2009 MTBR Arizona Spring Fling road trip from Austin <link>
2009 Demo ride & review of Gen 1 Pivot Firebird MTB <link>
2007 Road trip around SW US while between jobs ... TX, NM, CO, UT, NV, and AZ all in the playbook! <link>
2002 COKT Moab trip - first time Bear went to ride in Moab <link>

Legacy photo albums -> directly over here <link> but some specific highlights are ...
2007 Trip to Dominican Republic (10th year wedding anniversary!) <link>
2006 Trip to New Zealand - 3 weeks of Awesome <link>